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Kansas Cold Case: Mary Lang

May 01, 2009
  • Mary Lang
Mary Lang

Mary Lang


Hays, Kansas

Last Seen:
Downtown Hays at around 1 pm, October 21st, 1983

About the Case:

  • Lang had just started working for a local attorney in the city of Hays. She was taking papers to other attorneys in town to be signed when she disappeared.
  • Her car was found parked near downtown Hays with the driver's side door slightly open and the papers and her purse on the front seat.
  • Days later, a search team found her coat along a country road six miles from town with her car keys in the pocket.
  • Her body was never found.
  • There are stories of conspiracies involving the law firm where she worked

Possible Suspects:

  • Undersheriff says there are still people of interest in the case.
  • One person of interest is Steven Holdren.
  • Holdren had frequented downtown Hays during the day prompting complaints from other women shortly before Mary disappeared.
  • Holdren was acquitted in a 1977 murder case, but is now serving a life sentence for aggravated kidnapping.
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Kansas Cold Case: Mary Lang
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