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Paul Curry faces arraignment

December 16, 2010|By Karl Man | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(SALINA,Kan) — The city of Salina is looking for a new building inspector, and it’s not the usual job hunt.

It comes after former inspector Paul Curry was arrested and charged with poisoning and killing his wife in California.

"We definitely had a lot of attention the first couple of days after it was known about Mr. Curry's background,” says Salina city manager Jason Gage.

"It’s really died down since then and it has been business as usual," added Gage.

In December, Paul Curry was extradited from Salina to California in connection with the 1994 poisoning death of his wife, Linda. 

Mike Schrage, Deputy City Manager for Salina, helped hire Paul Curry and now he's in the process of taking in applications for the vacant spot. Candidates are slowly coming in.


"I would estimate around twenty at this point, but the application deadline is the 6th of January. The holiday’s might be a time where we get a lot more," says Schrage.

The nationwide search for a new building official in Salina is being advertised locally on pamphlets. The opening can also be found on the city of Salinas web page under the employment tab. Officials say they are also using trade journals to find the right candidate.

Paul Curry is being held in the central jail located in Santa Ana, California. Arraignment for Curry is set for next month.

According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, Curry will be arraigned on one felony count of special circumstances murder for financial gain. Curry received a 400,000 dollar life insurance policy following the death of his wife Linda.

If convicted, curry faces a life sentence without the chance of parole.

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