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School of rock meets "Weezer"

January 06, 2011|By Karl Man | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(SALINA,Kan.) — A middle school music class in Salina is set to trade in a normal day hitting the books for the rock and roll life.  It all started when their teacher entered them into contest held by the rock group “Weezer”.

"My kids as apart of my class play a song by Weezer called pork and beans"

Matt Gerry is a music teacher at Salina South Middle school.

"During our power chord week we were playing pork and beans, the kids learned it and they are awesome at it."

While the class was perfecting the Weezer smash hit Gerry found about a contest the band was holding.

Weezer wanted fans to send in a video asking the band to grant any wish.

"It’s hard to resist seeing 23 kids play a song you wrote," says Gerry.

The teacher sent the video to the band in early December.  

"So Weezer sees the video and they love it and they want to meet my kids." 


By January the class learned they had won the grand prize, Gerry is flying to Chicago this Saturday to meet Weezer.

"They want to do a live chat with me and Weezer on one end and my kids on the other end."

Via webcam the class is going to meet Weezer and get some tips on rocking out. Gerry still maintains he would not trade in the rush of teaching for the rock in roll life.

"Seriously this is the best job I could ever have in my whole entire life.”

However, the teaching duties are on the back burner for now.

"No grading papers this weekend while I’m on the plane!”

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