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Tough workout puts Wichita man in the hospital

March 03, 2011|By Megan Strader | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(WICHITA, Kan.) — He thought he just had sore muscles, but a tough workout landed a Wichita man in the ICU for nearly a week.

Now, he has a warning for anyone wanting to step up their exercise routine. Pushing it may mean pushing your muscles too far.

Out of the hospital for a week, Justin McClure still has a hard time believing what came out of just one tough session with a personal trainer.

"You work out and was like oh I over did it I worked out too hard, my muscles are sore I just stretch and keep drinking  a lot of water."

Less than a day after landing in Colorado for a vacation with his family, McClure knew by the color of his urine, he had something more than just sore muscles.

"It went from a tea to a rust to literally black."

McClure was immediately admitted to the hospital with protein levels more than 50 times what they should be.

It's a condition called Rhabdomyolysis - and it happens when your muscles put too much protein in the blood and your kidney's can't handle it.

"I had no idea, absolutely no idea that you could work out and end up in the hospital  for a week and a half."

Dr. Aaron lentz treated McClure after he returned to Wichita.

He says the condition itself isn't that unusual - but having it caused by exercising is.

"This is a serious hospitalization because, again, it can lead to kidney failure and that would mean dialysis for life."

Luckily, McClure's case was caught early and he's expected to make a full recovery.
Now, he just wants other people know this can happen.

"It's easy when you're working out by yourself it's another things to have somebody in your face telling you to keep going. "

He urges people to listen to their bodies and pay attention to symptoms... sometimes it's more than just sore muscles.

Rhabdomyolysis can also be caused by crush injuries - often when muscles are damaged in things like car accidents.

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