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Day 2: Adam Longoria's girlfriend talks about bleach and gasoline

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March 30, 2012|by Brian Heap | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(GREAT BEND, Kan.) — The smell of gasoline and bleach, that's what Adam Longoria's live in girlfriend described in the hours after Alicia DeBolt went missing.  Eva Brown spent most of Friday afternoon on the witness stand.

38-year-old Longoria is charged with the murder of 14-year-old DeBolt.  Authorities say he killed her in commission of a sex crime and then set her body on fire in August 2010.

Brown says Longoria moved in with her in May of 2010.  He threw her a birthday party in July of that year.  She says there were teens at the party and she wasn't happy about it.  She says until the party, Longoria shared a cell phone with her.  Shortly after the party, she says he bought his own cell phone.

Brown says on the morning DeBolt went missing, Longoria drove her black Escape to work at the Venture asphalt company.  She says Longoria called, asking her to call his boss to say there was a family emergency so he could get out of work.  She says the two then made plans to go bowling.

Brown says they went out for a little while and had a few drinks. She says they went home and then Longoria went back out.   She says he was wearing white Nike Air Jordans with laces and a Nike shirt. 


When he came home later that night, Brown says Longoria smelled like gasoline.  She says he immediately took a shower.  He also told her that if she loved him, she would get rid of his t-shirt.  Brown says she threw it out the window.

Brown told the jury that sometime the next day, she received a text message that Alicia DeBolt was missing.  The text said she was last seen with a man named Ivan.  Brown says she started putting things together and realized it was the same Alicia that sent a text message to Longoria back in July.

Brown says she showed the text to Longoria and he told her he didn't know who Alicia was.  She says she later saw Longoria washing his Air Jordans in the bathtub and put his shoe laces in bleach. 

On August 23rd, Brown's family members told her that her black SUV matched the description of the vehicle DeBolt was last seen getting into.  Law enforcement later seized her SUV.

Prior to Brown taking the stand, a KBI agent described the crime scene.

KBI agent Cory Latham testified that it took more than five hours to process the scene at the asphalt plant.  He says there was duct tape around DeBolt's ankles and face.  He says maggots on her body also indicate she had been there for some time.  DeBolt went missing on August 21st and her body wasn't discovered until August 24th.

Latham went onto tell jurors that they found a gas container on adjacent property.  It may have been tossed over a fence.

Jurors will continue hearing testimony in this case Monday morning.  The trial is expect to last through the end of next week.  Eyewitness News will continue to proivde a live stream and courtroom blog through the trial.

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