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Adam Longoria found guilty of capital murder

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April 06, 2012|By Brian Heap | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(GREAT BEND, Kan.) — A jury has found Adam Longoria guilty of capital murder and sex crimes in the death of a teenage girl from Great Bend.

It took jurors a little more than three hours to convict Longoria of all counts, including burglary and theft of a vehicle.

Alicia DeBolt's burned body was found August 24, 2010 at the asphalt plant where Longoria worked.

Longoria's conviction will result in an automatic punishment of life in prison without parole when he's formally sentenced June 8th.

DeBolt's family released a statement through the Kansas Attorney General's office, thanking police, prosecutors and the Great Bend community for their efforts and support:

"This journey tested our faith, it tested our bonds, and it tested our strength.  In the end, we stand strong as a family knowing that today there is justice for Alicia."


"What the jury saw is what we felt -- is that the evidence was overwhelming," said prosecutor Kevin O'Connor. 

During a passionate and fiery closing argument Friday, O'Connor reminded jurors how Longoria pursued the 14 year-old "little girl" for a month, sending her hundreds of text messages and asking for pictures.

Longoria picked up DeBolt around 11:00 p.m. August 21, 2010 under the guise of going to a party.  Instead, prosecutors believe he drove to the Venture asphalt plant and forced her to have oral sex.  He then killed the girl, doused her body with gasoline and set fire to it.

During the course of the investigation Longoria went to great lengths to cover up the crime, asking friends to create alibis for him and destroying clothing.  As the evidence piled up against him, Longoria stole a vehicle from his employer and tried to skip town. 

"Even though we're happy with the verdict there's always some sadness with it too.  It doesn't bring her (DeBolt) back but it brings Adam Longoria to justice," O'Connor said.

The DeBolt family hopes Alicia's tragic death teaches lessons to others: 

"Parents, talk to your kids even when they don't want to talk to you.  Keep communication open and always pay attention to the people they are spending time with.  Teenagers, listen to your parents.  They are smarter than you think. Be careful of older people who want to be your friend.  It may feel good to have the attention but ask yourself, why would someone much older than me not want to spend time with people their own age."

Adam Longoria found guilty of capital murder.
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