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Hannah Davis

September 28, 2012

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Hannah Davis was born right here in Wichita. She came into this world with a thick head of hair and it's only gotten thicker since. Writing and performing have always been Hannah's biggest passions. When she enrolled in broadcast journalism 101 at the University of Kansas she knew she'd found her fit.

Hannah started her career at KWCH as an associate producer working 8 hours a week. In two years she worker her way up to full-time producer, then over saw the KSCW Morning show and now she's moved in-front of the camera to reporting.

Hannah loves people and believes we all have a story to tell. She is honored to make a living finding those stories and sharing them with you.

Hannah would be remiss if she didn't mention her best friend, Tobias. He's 45 lbs, covered in fur and the 2012 "Dog Days of Summer" long jump champion.


When she's not at work you can find Hannah hiking across Kansas with her dog. She also loves to cook, eat, read, travel, sweat it out during a session of hot yoga or take in a good movie.

Hannah would love to hear from you. You can email her at or find her on twitter @KWCHHannah.

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