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Derby cancels dance after student behavior at football game

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October 09, 2012|By Pilar Pedraza | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
By Pilar Pedraza

(DERBY, Kan.) — Derby High School students are going to have to earn back a chance to hold their annual winter formal this year.

The principal, Tim Hamblin, cancelled it this week after students damaged bleachers at Friday night's football game in Hutchinson.  He called it the final straw to a series of disturbing behaviors he wants stopped, including littering, excessive tardies and early departures as well as unsportsmanlike actions at games.

Until further notice students will not be allowed to attend football games shirtless, painted only in school colors, and the 'girls ask boys' Holly Ball will be cancelled.

"They represent not only this high school, but our community," Hamblin said.  "And I expect absolute class act behaviors and will tolerate nothing less."

Students are concerned that even the innocent are being punished.

"It's pretty bad.  But I don't think he should go to that extreme," said Derby Sophomore Kourtney Richardson.  "But I understand where he's coming from."


The principal has set November 26th as the deadline.  If students can show better behavior by then they'll get their dance back.

Derby cancels dance after student behavior at football game.
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