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Homeowner tackles suspected Corvette thief

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October 30, 2012|By Melissa Scheffler | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
by Melissa Scheffler

(WICHITA, Kan.) — From a distance, a silver Corvette looks like one of best cars on the K-15 Auto Lot in Derby.

"Well, it's got about a thousand scratches on it where it went through the fence,” Tom Scripp said.

Scripp just got it back a month after a thief took it.

"To re-paint a Corvette, maybe six or seven thousand dollars,” Scripp said.

Wichita officers say they tracked the suspected thief and the Corvette to this southwest Wichita neighborhood.  Around noon Monday, they tried to pull the guy over.

Officers chased the driver to a neighborhood in Haysville.  That's when he pulled into Michael Legg's driveway.

"He picked the wrong drive way to ditch a stolen car in,” Linda Legg said.

Linda is Michael's mother.  She was visiting her son when the suspected car thief pulled-up.

"He'd seen the guy get out of the car and run along the fence line, heading toward his back yard,” Linda said.


Linda says Michael, a navy vet, chased the man.

"He jumped the fence and took off that way.  And, went down three or four houses and that's where my son got him,” Linda said.

Michael held the man until officers caught-up.  Linda says that's when they learned he was a felon and he had a loaded gun.

"I was just worried about my son getting hurt,” Linda said.

Michael is okay.

And, so is Scripp's Corvette, at least under the hood.

"I drove it in and it still drives very well,” Scripp said.

Homeowner tackles suspected Corvette thief
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