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LGBT community moves on after ordinance is repealed

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November 07, 2012|By Samantha Anderson | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(SALINA, Kan.) — Clinton Clark says he's found his place in Salina. He's a dance instructor and local bartender.

Clark is also gay. He says his friends and employers support him, but knows others have been discriminated against.

"The people I'm around and the work that I do, it's nothing but love and support," Clark said. "But, I hear stories. I hear about people getting bear up and I hear about people getting made fun of."

On Tuesday night, 54 percent of Salina voters decided to repeal an ordinance protecting sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace.

Clark says he understands what he does affects other people. However, he is frustrated that people who are not part of the LGBT community can play such a big role in his life.


Members of the LGBT community say even though the ordinance was repealed, they hope Tuesday night's vote gets a dialogue going.

"It is an issue that hasn't been visiting, it is nice because it's time to visit issues like that," Melissa Williams-Muyer, who voted "no" said.

Clark says everday is a chance to change someone's mind. "My protest would be just living my life how I live it and just let people know that it's not so absurd and crazy and it's not going to challenge their values."

LGBT community moves on after ordinance is repealed.
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