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WPD chief disappointed by sex crime accusations against former officer


January 22, 2013|by Anne Meyer | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(Wichita, KS) — Wichita Police are investigating whether there may be more victims after a former officer was arrested, accused of child sex crimes.

Alex Robinson was booked into the Sedgwick County Detention Center over the weekend. He faces two counts of aggravated sodomy and four counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Chief Norman Williams said Robinson bonded out of jail.

A 24-year-old man told police he was sexually assaulted more than a decade ago, Williams said. The alleged crimes occurred while the victim was 12 years old.

Police confirmed Tuesday Robinson was an officer of the law during that time. He was a 22 year veteran on the force, retiring in 2006.

"It is very disturbing, disappointing and discouraging that we are having to do this," said Chief Norman Williams.

Robinson was most recently a security supervisor for Wichita Public Schools.

He was given the President's Volunteer Service Award by President George W. Bush in 2007, for logging more than 17,000 hours of volunteer service at the Wichita Boys and Girls Club.

We've asked whether the allegations stem from Robinson's involvement with any of those groups. So far, police will only confirm that the two were acquaintances. Williams says those details will likely come out in court.

Police investigators are now interviewing children Robinson knew. The case is expected to be presented to the district attorney's office.

Eyewitness News wanted to know if there are statutue of limitations in these kinds of cases.


"It just depends on the circumstances," said Wichita Attorney Charlie O'Hara. "Normally speaking one person saying a person committed a crime isn't enough, you usually need something to support that."

O'Hara is not involved in this case, but we asked him about statute of limitations. He say there's a five year time limit to report these types of crimes, but there are four exceptions.
     -if the child is under the age of 15 at time of crime
     -if the child was threatened to keep silent
     -if the child repressed the memory of the crime, and is now aware of it
     -if the child did not have intellectual ability to know act was a crime

"You have to have two of those four factors and if you do, it doesn't matter how long ago it was. It could have been 50 years ago," O'Hara said.

New details on child sex accusations against Wichita school security supervisor WPD chief disappointed by sex crime accusations against former officer
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