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Dashcam video released from train/cement truck crash

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January 28, 2013|by Melissa Scheffler | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
Rob Schunn/Eyewitness News

(WICHITA, Kan.) — The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office released dash cam video of a near-deadly accident.  Friday morning, a cement mixing truck driver was on his way to the Derby Wal-Mart with a full-load.  He crashed... landing in the path of an on-coming train.

The minute Deputy John Scaglione pulled-up to the train tracks at 47th Street South and K-15, every second mattered.

"Luckily, I was a block and a half away when the call came out,” Deputy Scaglione said.

In this dash cam video you see him walk-up to the tracks.

Isaac Sullivan was trapped inside his over-turned cement mixing truck.  Sullivan says his brakes stopped working and he swerved to avoid rear-ending a car.

"So I took it on myself to see if I could veer-off to the right to get the truck to turn and go across the tracks,” Sullivan said.

But the truck ended-up on its side... on the tracks.


"Officer Scaglione, I remember seeing him,” Sullivan said.

And they both were able to see what was coming next.  On the dash cam video, you can hear Deputy Scaglione say "we do have a train coming, we need to get it shut down."

"With Mr. Sullivan's help, we start yanking and tugging and get out of there,” Deputy Scaglione said.

"I knew I could move, so I knew there was a chance I could get out for sure,” Sullivan said.

Deputy Scaglione had less than two minutes to help pull an injured Sullivan out.  And he did, with seconds to spare.

"I got to turn around and see it, so we had time still,” Deputy Scaglione said.

After everything was over, Deputy Scaglione walked-up to Sullivan.  Sullivan told the deputy he was having a pretty bad day.

"I said no you're not, you're having a great day.  You flipped a cement mixer, you lived through that, the cement mixer got hit by a train and you lived through that.  To me, that's a great day,” Deputy Scaglione said.

"I am thankful to be alive,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan is at home recovering.  He may have a hair-line fracture on his collarbone.  And, he may have torn his rotator cuff.  But otherwise, he’s fine.

Video released from train/cement truck crash
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