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Wichita store back open after bomb threat

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January 31, 2013|by Kim Hynes | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(WICHITA, Kan.) — Update:  Wal-Mart at Pawnee and Broadway is back open for business after a potential armed robbery and bomb threat.

Thursday afternoon, police say an unknown person called the store and asked to speak with a certain employee.  When the employee got to the phone, police say they were told to bring money out to a vehicle in the parking lot or a bomb would be set off in the store.

Police were called to the scene.  They say if the caller was actually in the parking lot, they had fled before police arrived.  Several officers were in the area, so police arrived quickly.

Police did evacuate the store to search for a bomb.  Nothing was found.  They are now looking for a suspect. It's unknown if the caller and suspect knew one another.


Wal-Mart is back open for business.

A similar bomb scare happened at a Quik Trip on east Harry last week.  A person asked for help pumping gas.  When the employee went out to help, police say a suspect handed him what looked like a bomb.  He then called the store and said if an another employee didn't bring out money, the bomb would go off.

The employee brought out money and the suspect fled in a car.  Police are still looking for the people involved.

Wichita police say it's too early to tell if the cases are connected.

Bomb scare at Wichita Wal-Mart
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