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Ranchers concerned about cattle during blizzard

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February 25, 2013|by Pilar Pedraza | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

Kansas ranchers have been keeping a close eye on the storm. The blizzard is a bigger danger to their livestock than last week's storm.

Ranchers are in the middle of calving season and high winds can be deadly for the young cows.

We spoke with Curt Hoobler, who is a rancher near Mulvane. He says the biggest concern he has is the adult cows trampling the calves as they huddle around feed bins trying to stay warm. Hoobler says he's lost several calves that way.

Another concern is the calves just getting too cold in the wind and snow.

"If the calf gets cold, then a lot of times we'll have to put somebody on the tailgate of the pickup with the calf," Hoobler said, "then we'll lead the cow up to the barn and get them inside and get them warmed up."

Hoobler says the newborns aren't as much of a concern because their moms will move away from the herd when they're born, then dry them off immediately.


Calves that are about a week old have trouble because they move about more on their own as they seek shelter from the elements.

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