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Shocker player paid his way with job detailing cars

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April 02, 2013|by Brian Heap | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(CHENEY, Kan.) — Before he started running through defenses on the way the Final Four, Shockers point guard Malcolm Armstead honed his work ethic and leadership skills running cars at a Wichita area car dealership.

"I drove cars.  Sometimes I had to shampoo and detail cars," Armstead told Eyewitness News.  The summer job at Lubbers Cars in Cheney was his first job outside basketball. It helped Armstead pay for expenses at Wichita State, after walking on without a scholarship.

It also helped him develop a loyal fan base among former co-workers.

"We know this guy.  We know him personally.  He helps out out here," says Curtis Lubbers explaining the excitement with which he's watched Armstead and the Shockers during the NCAA tournament.

"He's always moving.  He's always got his motor running," said Lubbers.

Employees at the dealership say even when washing cars, Armstead displayed leadership skills that have translated to success on the basketball court.


"It's awesome to see someone who took that big of a gamble and now they're on top," said Josh Harbison.

Come Saturday, the team at Lubbers will be cheering for the Shockers and following Armstead up and down the court.

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