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Local runners hear explosions in Boston

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April 15, 2013|Melissa Scheffler | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(WICHITA, Kan.) — Paul Harris had just crossed the Boston Marathon Finish Line when he heard the explosions.

"I was up in the waiting area for family when I heard the explosion,” Paul said over the phone Monday.

The runner from Pratt was one of four with the "K-State Marathon Club."  All of them finished without getting hurt.

“It definitely sounded like an explosion.  There was one really loud one and then [the] one right after that was a little bit quieter.  All of us kind of froze and we were looking around to see what was going on and pretty quickly the police were mobilizing, so we knew something was up,” Paul said.

Wichitan Ashley Clothier finished the race with possibly her personal best time.  But the joy from that accomplishment didn't last long.

"Probably 30 minutes after that we were walking back to our hotel.  We had just crossed the park by Cambridge... we heard two different explosions,” Ashley said.


Ashley did not find out what happened until she got back to the hotel and turned on the television.

We have updates on other local runners.

22-year-old Tom O'Connell of Wichita is also okay.  We spoke to his mother earlier.  She said he texted her to let her know he wasn't hurt.

The South High Cross Country Coach was also at the marathon.  Betsey Goering said she was okay on her Facebook page.

The runners we spoke with say they're thankful they're okay.  But incredibly sad this happened.

"We were thinking we were just right there,” Ashley said.

If you're looking for people who were at the Boston Marathon.  Click the two links below to try and locate you loved ones.

Local runners hear explosions in Boston
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