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Jurors listen to Seacat's 911 call

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May 29, 2013|by Anne Meyer | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(KINGMAN COUNTY, Kan.) — While Brett Secat's home was burning in April 2011, he called 911 and told dispatchers he thought his wife was dead.  Jurors heard that 911 call during testimony Wednesday.

Seacat is on trial charged with killing his wife Vashti and setting their Kingman home on fire in April of 2011.  His defense argues she lit the fires and killed herself.

A KBI agent testified about a note he found in Seacat's pocket the night of the deadly fire.  The agent said the note had a list:

1. Calm-died/accident
2. Her parents
3. Everything that the...truth

The note also had the words 'no suicide' on it. The KBI agent did not elobrate on what the note meant.

He also told jurors about the pictures taken of Seacat's entire body the next day.  The photos showed singed hair on his calves and two blisters on his left foot.  Jurors also saw the gun that was found under Vashti's body.


Earlier in the day, several of Vashti's friends took the stand to talk about the days before her death.  None of them wanted to be identified.

One friend told jurors that the happy Vashti was back in the last months of her life.  She also confided in her friends that she was ready to divorce Brett and move on with her life.  She talked about how the couple seemed distant, like roommates in early 2011.  She says they were sleeping separately.

However the friend talked about how Vashti was concerned about how divorce would impact their children because they'd have to go between two homes.  She says Vashti was a caring mother and went above and beyond to care for her two boys.

Another friend testified that Vashti was scared about how Brett would react to her need to separate.  She said Vashti told her Brett threatened to take the boys from her if she were to divorce him.

Even though she was scared, the friend told jurors Vashti was also hopeful and excited about the future.  She was getting ready to sell the house and move back to Wichita.  She told jurors Vashti had plans for her career and plans with friends.

Vashti Seacat's friends talk about days before her death
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