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July 30, 2013|By Meteorologist Ross Janssen

In the wake of heavy rainfall for central and southern Kansas, the added moisture to the atmosphere will be a key ingredient in dense fog over the area. An advisory has been issued into early Wednesday morning as visibilties could drop below 1/4 of a mile in some areas.

Clouds will hang around overnight with lows in the 60s. The winds will be light.

Wednesday starts out foggy, but sunshine is expected for late morning and afternoon. It should be warmer with highs in the upper 80s central and east, and low 90s across the west. The winds will be from the east or southeast and generally less than 20 mph.

Some storms are possible across western Kansas Wednesday evening. There will be more rain chances again Thursday and into the night. Temperatures will stay in the 80s and low 90s for much of Kansas.

 Wichita Area Forecast:

** Dense Fog Advisory from 1 a.m. until 10 a.m. **

Tonight:  Mostly cloudy; foggy late.  Wind: NE 5-10.  Low: 69.

Tomorrow:  a.m. fog then becoming partly cloudy.  Wind: NE/E 5-10.  High: 88.

Tomorrow night:  Becoming mostly cloudy.  Wind: E/SE 5-10.  Low: 70.

Thu:  High:  90   Becoming partly cloudy; overnight storms.
Fri:  High:  90   Low: 72   Mostly cloudy; more overnight storms.
Sat:  High:  92   Low: 73   Partly cloudy; overnight storms.
Sun:  High:  88   Low: 71   Mostly cloudy to partly cloudy.
Mon:  High:  91   Low: 71   Partly cloudy.
Tue:  High:  92   Low: 73   Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy.


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