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Brett Seacat sentenced to life in prison

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August 05, 2013|by Kim Hynes | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(KINGMAN, Kan.) — Brett Seacat was sentenced to life in prison Monday for the murder of his wife, Vashti.  Before hearing his sentence, Seacat spoke out, accusing Vashti's family of hurting her.  He also accused the judge of hiding evidence for publicity.

Brett Seacat maintained his innocence.  He said Vashti committed suicide and the night she died was the one time he couldn't save her. 

He said she made several suicide attempts, starting in high school but he always stopped her.  He blamed her family members for the suicide attempts, accusing them of hurting Vashti and not supporting her when she needed them.

Seacat went through various pieces of evidence presented at trial, explaining why he thought things were wrong and mishandled.  He said it's well known that a bullet hole has never been covered up by fire.  He said he wouldn't have lit a fire to cover up his wife's death.


He accused Judge Larry Solomon of hiding evidence in the case to gain publicity.  He said the judge made up his mind on the sentence before the trial in order to get the best headline.  Seacat told the judge that his case was a payoff to get a spot on the Kansas Supreme Court.  He said the evidence will come out on appeal and he will soon be a free man. 

Seacat then told the court that everyone involved in his case will go to hell for sending him to prison.

After Seacat's 20-minute statement, Judge Solomon told Seacat he lives in some sort of alternate reality.  He said he wasn't going to bother addressing what Seacat said in court because it was so bizarre.  He went on to say it only proved that the jury made the appropriate decision in this case.

"I don't intend to show you any mercy. You didn't show Vashti any mercy," Solomon told Seacat.

He handed down the maximum sentence of life in prison with the eligibility for parole in 25 years.  He also sentenced Seacat to six years and three months for the other charges of endangering a child and arson.  Combined, Seacat won't be eligible for parole for 31 years and three months.

Before Seacat addressed the court, five of Vashti Seacat's family members asked the judge for the maximum sentence.   Vashti's brother, Rich Forrest, told Seacat that it's hard to explain all of the pain he has caused.   

Forrest told Seacat that he's not just a murderer, he's a thief.  He told Seacat he doesn't understand why he stole Vashti from their children. 

Forrest said he destroyed their boys lives and took both of their parents away.  He said the boys will never have their own memories of their mom, instead they'll just learn about her from other family members.  They will never get to see her smile or feel her love again, he added.

Forrest said the boys will have emotional scars for years to come because eventually they will find out the truth.  He told Seacat that a real man would not hurt his children.

Seacat will start his sentence at the El Dorado Correctional Facility. 

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