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Man and goat walk across country to raise money

October 03, 2013|By Samantha Anderson

Steven Wescott and his goat, Leroy Brown, have been walking for months. They are taking a trek from Seattle to New York City as part of the Needle2Square campaign. They are raising money for an orphanage in Kenya ran by the Uzima Outreach.

"When I'm on the side of the road, you know, I'm still eating well," Wescott said. "I'mgetting three meals a day, you know, and they're lucky to get two."

They plan on going from Seattle to New York City. The trip started May of 2012, but he had to take a break in the winter when it got too cold, but then we went back to where he stopped to start again.

He says the people he's met on his travels have been very nice and have offered him food and shelter.Wescott got the goat for the trip and they've become quite the pair.


"We like, sit at gas stations and drink slurpies," Wescott says. "Talk about girls."

Wescott says that he isn't sure when he'll get to New York, but he plans on taking Leroy Brown to Times Square.

Wescott says that people give him money or can donate online at

Video: A man and his goat walk across America
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