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Lawmakers demand answers on DCF investigation

October 24, 2013|by Michael Schwanke | KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

(WICHITA, Kan.) — FactFinder 12 has requested results on an investigation looking into the Department for Children and Families office in Wichita. Kansas lawmakers are also demanding answers, but so far those requests have been denied.

DCF is citing attorney-client privilege as the reason for the denial.

The investigation, or review, was initiated after concerns were raised that Diane Bidwell, director of the Wichita DCF office, was improperly guiding at-risk children to Faith Builders for adoption.
Bidwell resigned two days after the results of the investigation were turned in.

The state now tells FactFinder 12 that it plans to send a letter to lawmakers and media to share more information about the investigation. A spokesperson with DCF says the investigation is “on-going” and results are only preliminary. It also won’t say if Bidwell’s resignation is related to the investigation.

We have also learned that DCF is now asking its contractors and subcontractors to no longer place children in homes associated with Faith Builders.  The spokesperson says it’s out of an “abundance of caution.”


DCF says it has no reason to believe children currently in the care of Faith Builders are at risk.

“I wanted to make clear that we have received no allegations that any child currently in a home associated with Faith Builders is in danger of abuse or neglect,” says spokesperson Theresa Freed.
FactFinder has reached out to Bidwell, but calls were not returned.

Video: Lawmakers demanding answers on DCF investigation
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