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by Consumer Reports | March 21, 2012
If you have boxes of old photos lying around, easy-to-use photo scanners can help you digitize those photos. Consumer Reports' tested four portable photo scanners costing from $80 to $100. You just pass a photo through the scanner. The image can be saved onto a memory card, or you can connect the scanner to your computer and save the image there. All of the scanners Consumer Reports tested come with a plastic sheath that helps protect older, fragile photos. The best thing about portable photo scanners is that you can use them anywhere and they're fast!
By Megan Strader and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | April 26, 2011
Thousands of pictures, found after the 1991 Andover tornado, can be claimed on Tuesday at Andovers City Hall. The pictures were found in the streets and as far away as Emporia. "Baby pictures, wedding pictures, moments of their youth that have been captured and they'll never be able to be get them back except for here," explains Andover Mayor Ben Lawrence. City employees and representatives from the historical society spent much of Monday laying the pictures out on tables in the council chambers.
by Christina Karaoli Taylor and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | April 17, 2012
As people all over Kansas sift through whatever's left of their property after Saturday's tornado outbreak, they're discovering their photographs - many of them wet, stuck together or damaged. But Operation Photo Rescue knows, the most precious things you have are your memories.  The non-profit organization travels all over the country, after disaster, to help salvage those memories. "Think about it," says Margie Hayes, President of Operation Photo Rescue.  "If your photos were destroyed, what would it mean to you?"
By Melody Pettit and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | August 11, 2011
A new FCC plan means you could soon text 911 in an emergency. It's part of a plan to update emergency response systems all across the Country. Sedgwick County says it would like the technology as soon as it's available. While it's still a few years away, officials say the ability to text and send video or pictures to dispatchers will make it easier for people get help in an emergency. "This is as big. We are all excited, it's big news for the 911 world," said the Director of Sedgwick County Emergency Communications Randy Bargdill.
by Anne Meyer and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | December 19, 2012
Instagram is now backing off plans to sell your photographs to advertisers. The popular website announced the policy shift Monday and instantly felt the backlash. But when it comes to on-line privacy, legal experts say post at your own risk. Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing sites on-line. "I like it because I get to edit my photos and share it with all my friends," said Wichita State Student Ashley Binder. But when the website said it would start sharing your images for money without permission to advertisers, some users shot back.
by Jim Grawe and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | January 30, 2013
  It wasn't exactly a red carpet welcome for Marcia Honer and her husband.  The Denver, Colorado couple's visit to Wichita was a nightmare. "I've never been to Wichita before, but yes, it definitely leaves a bad taste," Honer says. They were driving home from Texas after spending a week on Caribbean cruise.  It was late, and Wichita seemed like a good place to spend the night.  So they pulled into a motel near Kellogg and Rock. "We basically went to bed because we were so tired," Honer says.  "We didn't even think about taking stuff out of the car, which was stupid on our part.
by John Boyd and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | March 6, 2013
Sedgwick County authorities hope you can help them identify a woman whose skull was found in 2011. The skull was found in a creek bed in the 10000 block of S. 343rd Street West. Since then, the skull has been inspected by an anthropology expert and a forensic dentist. They determined the skull was that of an African American woman between 16 and 22 years old and that she died anywhere between one and ten years before the discovery. A month after the skull was found, anthropology students toured the area where the skull was found.
by Ross Janssen and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | February 26, 2013
Mother Nature made snow balls Monday night.  Residents from Attica sent us photos of what are technically called snow rollers.  Storm Team 12 Meterologist Ross Janssen says they are very unusual and only happen when you have perfect snow conditions.  He says in order for snow rollers to happen, you need wind and a heavy wet snow.  Click here for photos for snow rollers Monday night, the winds were at least 30 miles an...
By Jim Grawe and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | December 4, 2012
It's bad and getting worse according to Marion County nature photographer Brenda Casanova. The amateur shutterbug has been out documenting the drought that's been drying up Kansas. Her photos capture a crisis emerging as the water recedes. "It reminds me of a movie--like Plant of the Apes or something," Casanova says. Casanova's photos of local bodies of water including the Marion Reservior and Marion County Lake capture images she finds disturbing. She says she's also seen deer wandering the highways in search of water and worries about other wildlife dehydrating and and starving.
Melissa Scheffler and KWCH 12 Eyewitness News | June 11, 2013
Brett Seacat still needs to wait on one more decision, his sentence.  He faces the "Hard 50. " "It means you have to do 50 years before you're even eligible for parole.  Even at that time, the family can still come in and argue you shouldn't get out.  So, for someone of Mr. Seacat's age, it's really the rest of his life,” Wichita defense attorney Charlie O'Hara said. O'Hara explains what's next for Seacat.  We do know his attorneys will appeal.  But O'Hara says that's unlikely to happen.  See Photos from the Trial (June 6-present)
By Meteorologist Mark Larson | October 29, 2013
Meteorologist Mark Larson says there's more rain on the way Tuesday and Wednesday however it looks like we'll dry-out just in time for Halloween. One area of storms pushed out of eastern Kansas early Tuesday leaving behind a few pockets of locally heavy rainfall but no reports of severe weather.  Tuesday afternoon will bring lots of clouds, patchy drizzle and a few sprinkles but nothing too heavy. Highs will range from near 50 degrees over northwest Kansas to the mid-60s and lower-70s elsewhere.  Gusty southerly winds will once again rule the day over the eastern half of our state.
By Meteorologist Ross Janssen | October 28, 2013
Meteorologist Ross Janssen says scattered storms are likely in Kansas this evening and overnight, but severe storms are no longer expected. Low temperatures will fall into the 40s and 50s for most of the state as south winds continue. The best chance for storms on Tuesday will be in the early morning hours, with lots of clouds in the afternoon. Some drizzle and sprinkles will be possible in the afternoon, but it shouldn't be heavy. Highs will range from around 50 in the northwest to 70 degree weather in the southern part of the state.
By Meteorologist Dean Jones | October 27, 2013
Meteorologist Dean Jones says sunny skies will lead to a quick warm-up this afternoon.  Highs will climb into the upper 60s and 70s statewide. A cold front will slide into the area, tonight into Monday.  Areas north of this front (northwest Kansas) will be much cooler, while temperatures will remain mild across much of southern Kansas. Scattered showers and storms return to the forecast for Monday evening and overnight as a storm system moves out of the western US. There will not be any snow or ice with this storm system in the week ahead, however scattered showers and a few strong storms will remain in the forecast through Wednesday.  Good news - Halloween looks dry. Wichita Metr o Forecast: Rest of the day:   Sunny, warming up.  Wind: S 5-15.  High: 68. Tonight:   Mostly clear, low clouds and fog by morning.  Wind: S 5-10.  Low: 48. Monday:   Morning fog, then mostly cloudy with isolated afternoon/evening showers and storms.  Wind: SE 10-15.  High: 74. Monday night:   Cloudy with occasional showers and storms possible.  Wind: SE 5-15.  Low: 58 . Tue:   High: 70  AM showers and storms, breezy, mostly cloudy with more storms overnight.
By Meteorologist Ross Janssen | October 27, 2013
Meteorologist Ross Janssen says after a quiet weekend, get ready to see rain and thunderstorms in Kansas again this week. Severe weather is even a possibility on a few days around the Plains. Overnight, low temperatures will drop into the low 40s for much of the state. Some upper 30s are expected in the northwest as winds continue from the south. Dry conditions are expected statewide. For Monday, the clouds will increase during the day and a cold front will be cutting the state in half from west to east.
By Meteorologist Rodney Price | October 26, 2013
Meteorologist Rodney Price says the areas of light rain will move southeast through mid-afternoon.  Clouds will thin out as afternoon high temperatures warm to the 60s! A frost night is expected, especially for eastern Kansas as overnight lows drop to the 30s.  Expect clear skies across the state. Temperatures will be warmer Sunday afternoon with highs in the 60s and lower 70s.  Clouds will thicken across the area Monday with rain and rumbles returning to the forecast late Monday into Monday evening.  Rain will stick around until Wednesday.
By Meteorologist Ross Janssen | October 26, 2013
Meteorologist Ross Janssen says to expect a chilly night, but warmer temperatures will be felt statewide on Sunday. Temperatures will drop into the low 30s for much of Kansas overnight with clear skies and light winds. Frost is likely for much of central and eastern Kansas. Sunny skies for Sunday will boost temperatures to near 70 around the area. Warmest readings will be in the west where some areas could see mid 70s. Wichita will be in the upper 60s with south winds increasing a bit during the late afternoon.
By Meteorologist Mark Larson | October 25, 2013
Meteorologist Mark Larson says we'll see a breezy cool afternoon with increasing clouds followed by a few sprinkles tonight. Clouds will be on the increase Friday afternoon as a weak storm system approaches from the southwest. Gusty southerly winds will top 25 mph at times helping temps climb into the upper-50s and mid-60s. A few sprinkles will be possible along the Kansas-Oklahoma state line Friday night into Saturday morning but most of us will stay dry. Look for decreasing clouds Saturday with highs in the 60s followed by a breezy, warmer, Sunday when highs top-out around 70 degrees.
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